When you’re in pain or were recently involved in an accident, you need to get checked out by a doctor immediately.

Chiropractic therapy isn’t solely focused on spinal adjustments, but on whole body wellness treatment that acknowledges your symptoms and their causes and does everything possible to resolve the core issue instead of simply masking the symptoms.

Our chiropractic services focus on your well-being, and through both traditional clinical examinations, our diagnostic skills and training allow us to provide chiropractic treatments, therapeutic, and rehabilitative care.

Located in Ocoee, Florida, we focus on chiropractic medicine that rejuvenates and restores your body’s functions.

Chiropractic Care
Your general health relies on the health of your spine, and chiropractic care can ensure that you’re well-rounded and living a life free of pain.

Digital X-Ray
Through imaging of your musculoskeletal health, our chiropractors can get a sense of the stress points or joint dysfunction that may be causing you pain. Digital X-rays can identify fractures, bone diseases or herniations that may need special care above and beyond chiropractic adjustments.

Normatec® Recovery
As part of your athletic training or rehabilitation, Normatec recovery systems are massage-like air compression devices that encourage rapid rehabilitation in legs, hips, or arms. After an intense workout, game, or training, Normatec systems can speed up your recovery by increasing blood circulation and leaving you feeling like you’ve been resting for two days.

By lifting the layers of your skin, the careful application of Rocktape kinesiology tape can reduce swelling and inflammation while delaying muscle fatigue. Touted as the “magic” muscle healer, Rocktape literally promotes blood flow, quickening healing without restricting your range of motion.

Still a relatively new treatment, laser therapy by K-Laser can help you quickly recover from strains, sprains, repetitive use injuries, chronic issues, and trauma through K-laser therapy that decreases inflammation, increases circulation and speeds up recovery.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation
As chiropractors and physical therapists in touch with the latest technology in rehab and recovery, our sports injury treatments can be catered to your bodies needs — so that you perform better and recover faster.

Sometimes in order to correct foot, knee, hip, or spine deformities, orthotics treatment may be a day-to-day necessity. Supports and braces that support and reduce strain on your joints can ensure that you’re properly stabilized.

The health of your body is reliant on a number of factors, and quite often what you’re putting into your body plays a big impact on how healthy you are. As a nutrition consultant in Orlando, we can ensure that your relationship with food becomes a truly beneficial one.

Wellness Medicine
Your overall well-being is a combination of a healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy soul. By focusing on your complete health, our doctors and clinicians can make sure that your customized wellness medicine plan works to promote the best you possible.

Graston Technique ®
Using a stainless steel instrument, our clinicians can detect and repair scar tissue formed in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The Graston Technique has been known to drastically reduce pain and improve motor function. No more stiffness.

As part of a comprehensive wellness program, we offer relaxing massage and reiki to promote your body’s natural healing capabilities. Through massage and chiropractic treatments, you can ensure that your body is rejuvenated to it’s fullest.

For comprehensive treatment that’s customized to your lifestyle and needs, request an appointment today. We look forward to helping you return to wellness.Chiropractic Services Treatments Therapy

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